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Use our simplest tailoring system to make your business more authentic, and increase your business market value and smartness.

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Features we have

Robust tailoring measurement and designing software solution. Best in mobile responsive view and desktop view. Users will enjoy their 3D Shirt Designing Experience. Key features are listed below.

  • Rubast 3D Shirt Design Panel
  • Different Types of Measurement Providing Process.
  • Single Page Checkout System
  • Easy to Integrate Payment Getaways
  • Full eCommerce Solution Integrated in the System
  • Customer Profiles, Order and Measurement Management
  • Dynamic Admin Panel for CMS Management.
  • SEO Friendly Content Management System.
  • Automated Reporting and Backup Processing System.
  • 24/7 Support is available for any issue with live chatting options etc.

Sleeves Formation

Both short and long sleeve formation in realtime sleeve selections.

Pocket Styles

Single and Double pocket styles with different shapes and flaps.

Collars Variation

More than 10 collars style variation for customer satisfaction.

Back Designs

Different types of back folding shapes as Center and Side folds.

Animated Shape
Mi Tailoring Desktop, Mobile and Tab View to Satisfy Customers
Our Applications

We Offer Different Solution

Not only we are working on the Custom Shirt Designing software, We are working on the tailoring related to all types of software like 3D Suit Designing Application, T-Shirt Designing Application, Women's Shirt, Suit, and T-Shirt Designing Application. Various combinations of designs are working smoothly as well. Need to go online with a unique business process? Stay with us and have our best developments in your business. Maximum customer engagement will be grabbed by the online business and generate unlimited revenue lifetime.

Do automation on your tailoring business with us.

We are providing

Fully Responsive Application

Different types of measurement features are available on the system with a fully responsive view. The Shirt Design Panel and Measurement Panel is more user friendly and easy to use. Smooth operation handling by the software in the Shirt Measurement section

  • Quick Measurement takes only the Standard Size of Coller and Measures measurement.
  • Use a tape will take the detailed measurements of a human body, where mentioned the collar, chest, waist, etc. and takes many more combinations.
  • Copy a shirt will take all the necessary aspects of a shirt measurement. That takes the exact same measurement from a customer's favorite shirt and makes the real shirt smoother to wear.

Responsive Mobile View App Screenshot

Best mobile application view of our authentic tailoring software that maintenance the responsiveness on any screen of devices.

Affordable Pricing

Prices that make our customers more reliable for their investments. Take any plan that suits your budget. If need more just contact us for a custom plan.

$50 / Per month


  • 10 Fabrics
  • Site CMS Control
  • Report & Site Backup
  • Clean Shop Management
  • 24/7 Full support
$100 / Per month


  • 25 Fabrics
  • Shirt Embroidery
  • All Site Control Panel
  • Paypal Payment Getaway
  • 24/7 Full support
$150 / Per month


  • 40 Fabrics & Embroidery
  • Collars & Cuffs Contrast
  • All Site Control Panel
  • Paypal Payment Getaway
  • 24/7 Full support
$200 / Per month


  • 70 Fabrics & Embroidery
  • All Contrasts
  • All Site Control Panel
  • Paypal Payment Getaway
  • 24/7 Full support

Pricing Plan Details

# Starter – $50 Premium – $100 Business – $150 Ultimate – $200
Design Options
Staff Management 3 Staffs 8 Staffs 15 Staffs 25 Staffs
Faqs Management 6 12 20 30
Extra Page Management 2 5 8 12
Measurement Settings Content Update Full Control Full Control
Site Backup 3 Backups 6 Backups 15 Backups
# Starter – $50 Premium – $100 Business – $150 Ultimate – $200
Fabrics 10 Fabrics 25 Fabrics 40 Fabrics 70 Fabrics
Sleeves 2 Sleeves 2 Sleeves 2 Sleeves 2 Sleeves
Collars 3 Collar Patterns 5 Collar Patterns 9 Collar Patterns 12 Collar Patterns
Cuffs 2 Cuffs Patterns 4 Cuffs Patterns 5 Cuffs Patterns 6 Cuffs Patterns
Pockets Single & Double Pockets Single & Double Pockets With V Shaped Pockets With Flap and V-Shaped Pockets With Flap and V-Shaped
Back Details 2 Back Details 3 Back Details 3 Back Details 3 Back Details
Back Yoke Back Yoke Back Yoke Back Yoke Back Yoke
Bottom Shape Bottom Shapes Bottom Shapes Bottom Shapes Bottom Shapes
Plackets 1 Placket 2 Placket 3 Placket 3 Placket
Buttons 2 Buttons 4 Buttons 8 Buttons 15 Buttons
Threads 2 Threads 4 Threads 8 Threads 15 Threads
Contrast 2 Collar Contrast 2 Cuff Contrast 5 Collar Contrast 5 Cuff Contrast All Pocket Contrast 10 Collar Contrast 10 Cuff Contrast All Pocket Contrast All Placket Ccontrast
Embroidery Embroidery 1 Position Embroidery Text Thread Color Embroidery 2 Position Embroidery Text Thread Color Embroidery 4 Position Embroidery Text Thread Color
# Starter – $50 Premium – $100 Business – $150 Ultimate – $200
Quick Size
Tape Measurement
Copy Shirt
# Starter – $50 Premium – $100 Business – $150 Ultimate – $200
Order Management
Measurement Management

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