Features of Mi Tailoring Application

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Fabric Selections

Add fabrics as per your stock. All the fabrics will be working faster with our CDN support. More than 100s of fabric works.

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Sleeves Variations

Long and short sleeve variations are available for any kind of fabric selection. Working with smooth operation.

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Collars Combinations

More than 10 collars variations are available in the software. That makes your business more customer reliable.

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Cuffs Variations

Different styles of cuffs make the software more precious to use. A customer will be satisfied to design at the application.

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Placket variations are more unique features here. As there are without placket and hidden placket features also available.

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Pockets Styles

Mi Tailoring provides different pocket elements support like pocket flaps and v-shaped pocket styles for both side pocket.

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Bottom Shapes

The classic and modern age requires modern shapes of his/her wear. Our Tailoring Application included.

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Back Styles

Caring about customer's attitudes and choices. Mi Tailoring provides the 3D shape of a shirt with back style changes.

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Shoulder Styles

Insects that makes an user happy to use with our detailed design combination of a shirt designer.

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Button Hole Threads

One of the enjoyable part of 3d custom shirt designer we provide. The smallest changes are working more clearly.

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Buttons Variations

As a tailoring automation software, there's efficient support of buttons, which is working around collars, cuffs, and placket.

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Based on collar inside and outside, cuff inside and outside, plackets, pockets, etc. the contrast variations are working as well.

Mi Tailoring Desktop, Mobile and Tab View to Satisfy Customers
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Our Awesome Price Ranges

We are serving different variations of our pricing plans about the software that makes our clients more reliable to have. The awesome membership plans with 24/7 support is included with all plans. Need any kind of issue resolve, just simply start to chat with our live chatting system at the right corner of the window. We will respond you as soon as possible.